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Cuccio Match Makers offer professionals a new way to extend their range with each kit including a stunning Cuccio Colour shade married with the same matching shade from the industry leading Cuccio Veneer Gel Colour. Both formulas benefit in a triple pigmentation technology which gives a superior true colour in two thin coats and a non chip formulation for extended wear. Especially for Nail Technicians, each bottle has an inverted bottle design which results in maximum product usage and has specially selected DuPont filament brush hair for professional application. Created for those with a Love of Colour, the Match Makers Kit is perfect for matching manicures and pedicures with flawless Colour coordination.

Includes one 13ml bottle of Cuccio Colour Nail Laquer which benefits from:

  • Triple Pigmentation Technology
  • No Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene free
  • Nail technician friendly design
  • DuPont filament brush hair for professional application
  • Non chip formulation

Along with one 13ml bottle of Cuccio Veneer Gel Colour which benefits from:

  • 100% polish free formula
  • Triple colour pigmentation
  • LED / UV formula
  • Micro-shatter resistant
  • Reflective Mirror shine finish
  • Extended wear

Raise your glass and toast to the new 2016 Cuccio Colour Cocktail Collection – a magnificent mixology of 8 soft and subtle shades that embody the true essence of Summer. Lets drink to your unique sense of style and passion for fashion with the trendsetting palette of luscious lacquers that help turn any mundane moment into your personal HAPPY HOUR!


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