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CUCCIO Veneer Gel Spring Positivity Collection 2017 – Another Beautiful Day! 13ml

£9.95 £5.95

In stock


Experience a gel formula like you have never seen before with Cuccio Veneer Gel Polish curable in LED or UV light. With triple colour pigmentation you can achieve true colour coverage in just 2 thin coats and colours can be mixed to customise shades for your client, giving you access to an endless range. Cuccio Veneer is a 100% polish free formula, therefore, no evaporation, thickening, hardening or yellowing and each bottle has an inverted bottle design which results in maximum product usage, perfect for nail technicians! Cuccio have innovated a Veneer micro-shatter resistant technology, to create armour-like protection, with a high quality reflective mirror shine finish which lasts for the entire length of wear.

  • 100% polish free formula
  • Triple colour pigmentation
  • LED / UV formula
  • Micro-shatter resistant
  • Reflective Mirror shine finish
  • Extended wear

Cuccio Positivity Spring 2017 Nail Polish Collection. Come and lavish in 8 new shades that Cuccio have provided for Spring. Embrace the positive attitude and make everyday as beautiful, just like the colours in this collection. The message is -be bold, be vibrant but most of all ensure you have that positive outlook!


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