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I can’t help getting so excited when I wear thermal nail polishes, the way that a polish can get creative all on its own is so playful and entertaining. The LeChat Perfect Match Mood Polish is just genius and takes me back to the years where I would buy “mood rings” and obsess with their colour changing ability. (90’s kid alert!!)




There is a huge selection of shades which transform from light to dark or to a completely different colour when hot or cold. I’m going to show you four different shades that show the vast range that LeChat have produced.
First up I have “MIDNIGHT PEARL” which has a fabulous pearlescent finish and is a vivid pink when warm and a striking vibrant purple when cold.





Next “A BIT CHILLY” has a beautiful sky blue colour when warm and a deep ocean blue when cold which gives a really effective ombre effect when the tips of your fingers are cool.






If you want something a little more daring and dark “GROOVY HEAT WAVE” gives a stunning effect from a deep rich red when hot to a beautiful purple that is so dark it’s almost black when cold. It has a stunning finish with extremely subtle tiny flecks of glitter running through it which catches the light creating a shimmer effect.







Finally “HEAVENLY ANGEL” has a sweetness to it with a delightful bubble gum pink when cold and an ice-cream white shade when warm. This was really fun to play with and created a yummy raspberry ripple effect.





The formula on the LeChat Mood Polish are a thicker consistency and are very pigmented which allows you to get a true colour in two coats or less. They are compatible with other brands too, I used my Cuccio Veneer Base and Top Coat which worked with it perfectly.

OK so let’s talk about how to use the LeChat Mood Polish… They are a gel formula therefore you need to cure them under a UV or LED light which will create a reaction to harden the polish. PREPARE by pushing back cuticles, buffing nail with white block and wiping over with cleansing wipe. APPLY BASECOAT and cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 2 minutes. APPLY LECHAT Mood Polish and cure and if needed apply second coat and cure. Apply TOPCOAT and cure in lamp and wipe off any sticky residue with cleansing wipe. Overall I think that LeChat have well and truly delivered on the formula, have a brilliant colour range, are entertaining and playful and have professional wearability.
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Written by
Cassandra Gillgan

From BNL Nails
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