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Tis’ that season of dreaded frosty toes, cold chapped hands and nail sorrow
Take on board our great advice and start a new nail routine tomorrow

Tip One – Take care of your cuticles
The cuticle is the piece of skin that overlaps the bottom of the hard nail (nail plate.) You may be wondering what they do, or why you need them. My biggest tip for healthy nails is to pay some attention to them as they play an important role to growing stronger, healthier nails.


How do you take care of them?
Applying cuticle oil several times a day to moisturise, protect and repair the surrounding skin and help increase circulation which in turn will stimulate nail growth. I often use a Cuticle Balm as it quick and easy and I can pop it in my handbag for constant use. We stock a beautiful set by Cuccio Naturale – Daily spa Essentials Kit which includes a handy Cuticle butter stick which is perfect to create an on-the-go nail care habit.

 Knowing your beauty products can really make the difference this winter. Lets take a look at China Glaze’s Orange Cuticle Oil. It penetrates deeply and quickly to soften cuticles while giving natural nails increased flexibility and strength. It contains a special blend of five nourishing oils, including jojoba and rice bran, moisturize, while antioxidants vitamin A, C & E and botanical extracts act as a natural soothing and antiseptic agent.

Tip 2. Moisturise

During winter, the humidity in the outside air plunges. Inside, things are even drier, thanks to indoor heating and if you are washing your hands frequently you are losing all the natural oils that are left in your skin, causing your hands to crack and peel. After you wash your hands always moisturise and leave a moisturiser next to every sink as a reminder. We recommend the  Cuccio Naturale – Daily spa Essentials Kit which includes an ultra sheer butter to leave your skin feeling exceptionally soft and hydrated.

Deep Moisturising
When you feel in need of a pamper, simply apply a deep moisturiser like OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion which is packed with real fruit extracts and soothing, nourishing ingredients and wear thin cotton gloves to help with absorption. If you are always just too busy, instead pop the moisturiser on under your rubber gloves when washing up, the heat will help the moisturiser penetrate into the skin quickly leaving your hands happy in these winter months,

Tip 3. Filing your nails

For something so common, most people lack the knowledge of how to file their nails even though it is one of the most important things to maintain strong healthy nails. Did you know you should always file your nails in one direction? You should never use a see-saw action as this can cause damage to the natural nail causing it to split and peel.There are so many different nail files, which one should I use for my natural nails? A 240gt file like the Kanga – 240/240 Grit is best suited for the natural nail to shape the free edge.

Tip 4. Wear Gloves

The dry cold air and wind can take the moisture out of your nails. To help prevent this, always wear gloves when outdoors.

  Tip 5. Use nail strengtheners and hydrating base coats

Sometimes we need something special for our nails so we can get them back to looking healthy and strong. We have a huge selection of hydrating base coats and nail strengtheners but we especially want to introduce you to the new OPI Gel Break which is designed to restore and defend the nails in just 7 days nails.
This three step system includes a serum-infused base coat enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract, a sheer layer of colour and a protective top coat enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract. This protective top coat preserves and protects nails while providing a high gloss finish and nails will appear healthier and rejuvenated.