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CND Shellac vs OPI GelColor?

CND Shellac and GelColor by OPI are one of the top selling 14+ day nail lacquer brands on the market alongside with a handful of other brands that we won’t be mentioning today.

When it Started!

Shellac was the first and only non gel color system which was launched in September of  2010, that started the 14+ day nail color wearing trend!

GelColor launched a year later on October 2011 with a gel formula that gave similar wear and removal effect like Shellac.

How Long Does CND Shellac & OPI GelColor Last?

Both formula are very well formulated and both do last 14+ day with proper application done by professionals.

CND Shellac vs OPI GelColor Color Selections

When it comes to color selections, CND Shellac has just over 80+  of beautiful shades. While GelColor the later comer has well  over 140+ of fashionable shades which gives them an edge lead when it comes to color selections.

View CND Shellac


View OPI Gelcolor

CND Shellac vs OPI GelColor Application & Removal

When it comes to removal, Shellac would win the removal process as the formula is easier and faster to remove vs GelColor. But when it comes to application GelColor using OPI LED lamp vs Shellac using CND UV Lamp,  GelColor would come out as the winner thanks to the LED curing at a faster speed. But if both were using a UV lamp shellac would be the winner as the formula will cure better, on the other hand if both were using a LED lamp GelColor would be the winner as it will cure better in a LED lamp.


CND Shellac Application & Removal Tutorial


OPI GelColor Application & Removal Tutorial


CND Shellac vs OPI GelColor Curing Speed

When it comes to curing speed and how well it cured, that depend on which brand and which lamp. If you were using a LED lamp GelColor would have an edge over Shellac in speed and how well it cured the coating. But if it was in a UV lamp they both will cure at pretty much the same speed but Shellac would have an edge as it’s formula will cure better then GelColor’s formula.

Common Problems Using Shellac or GelColor

Both Shellac and GelColor have similar problems when it come to applying dark black shades. For Shellac shades like Blackpool or Ferdora will winkle if coating layer are not applied thin enough. For GelColor shades like Black Onyx will not fully cure if not applied thin enough. If the color is not fully cured, this will lead to stroking the color off  while applying top coat.

Final Thoughts and Experiences

In my years of dealing with CND Shellac and OPI GelColor, I have say that these 2 products are ones of the best 14+ day nail colors! Sometimes you have clients coming in with 21+ day nail color wear with a few minor chips. Once in a while on some rare occasion clients do come back after 7 day  due to chipping, but hey no one is perfect and no system is 100%, even a DNA test with mother and child is 99.9999%. Just remember everyone’s nails are different, some nails would adapt to Shellac better and some would adapt to GelColor better. Whenever Shellac doesn’t work for my client I would switch them to GelColor or whenever GelColor doesn’t work for my clients I would switch them to Shellac. This by far have worked very well for my past clients, as for some unexplained reasons certain nail bed adapt better on certain products.

Thank you all for reading and please do note that this is all my personal opinion and experiences. If you have other views or experiences that you would like to share, please leave a comment and share it with us all.